Resources for the 1814 Campaign

This is where I will add book reviews, webpages, magazine articles and other resources that I consider essential or useful to anyone attempting to wargame the 1814 campaign.

Book Reviews

As described in my last post, one of the biggest issues I have had with this campaign is the lack of a single source of information.  I have now acquired and read many books on the subject and so I thought I would provide a brief review of these books from a wargaming perspective.  Many of the volumes are scholarly works that are essential to the historian, but, provide little information relevant to the wargamer.

I’d be interested in other peoples thoughts and comments on this, especially, if you know of other sources of information that I have not included here.  (reviews to follow)

Andrew Uffindell – Napoleon 1814 The Defence of France
F. Loraine Petrie - Napoleon at bay
F.-G. Hourtoulle – 1814, The Campaign for France
Henry Houssaye – Napoleon and the Campaign of 1814
Jean-Pierre MIR - Hanau & Montmirail, The Guard Fought and Won
Ralph Ashby – Napoleon Against Great Odds, The Emperor and the Defenders of France 1814.
Digby Smith – The Greenhill Napoleonic Wars Data Book
David Chandler – The Campaigns of Napoleon
James Lawford – Napoleons Last Campaigns 1813-1815
Alistair Horne – How Far From Austerlitz

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