Sunday, 22 September 2013

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One of the biggest obstacles to wargaming the 1814 campaign is the paucity of information available, the majority of books on the topic are terribly lacking in the detail that wargamers require.  Order of battle information, if it’s included at all, is given at divisional level and the description of battles is far more narrative that I’ve found in books covering other campaigns.  Battle maps are almost non-existent in most books on the subject.  

Both Nafziger and Leggiere (his first book only covers the events leading up the battle of Brienne on 31st January 1814) have promised books on the campaign, but these show no signs of appearing any time soon.  Perhaps this is one of the main reasons that the campaign is not that popular amongst wargamers.

In order to pull together the detailed information I needed for this campaign I have had to dig far wider and deeper than ever before.  This digging has been surprisingly fruitful and rewarding and over the coming months I plan to share the results of this work so that other wargamers have access to the detail needed to game the battles and/or the campaign and add their own scenarios to this fascinating period of the Napoleonic wars.
I have added a resources page and will slowly update it with all the sources of information I have found so far and any others that I come across in the future.  If you know of something that I have missed then please let me know.

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